Missing My Cat, “The Lug of Love”

Written by Macy Bodenhamer on May 31, 2012

Given five more minutes with my handsome kitty, Min, I would tell him how he ruled as official, “The Lug of Love”, the ever-insistent best biscuit-maker in the world, and the owner of lap time with anyone present.

I loved your funny warble, “Mmmrrrowr!”

I loved that you continued to chase your tail in the bathtub all 15 years of your life, continuing to find entertainment and joy in such a simple, silly gesture.

I loved your clumsiness, while still landing on your feet every time.

I loved how much you loved your brother Shu. You were his keeper, despite his petulance. You were the Brother, the doting and patient one, tolerant of everything.

Thank you for the gift of you, you made my life fuller, gave me unconditional love and ongoing joy.

The space you hold in my heart is much, much bigger than any cat could ever match.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by Macy Bodenhamer, a marketing/communications/public-relations professional at Four22Creative in Houston, Texas.

Inspiring Moment: Yellow, Blue, Lilac Flowers

Written by Braiden

Inspiring Moment: Purple Planter

Written by Braiden

Memory of Grandmother: Dumplings and Birthday Cakes

Written by Lori C. on May 28, 2012

Losing my grandma back in 1996 was the first time in life that I realized that my loved ones won’t always be around.

I remember walking around and actually getting angry at people who were laughing and having a good time!

Didn’t they know that my grandma was gone?

Although the years have passed, and the good memories have replaced a lot of the pain, I still miss her every single day.

If I had five more minutes to talk with my grandma, I would  tell her how much I loved her and how grateful I am that she played such a strong role in rearing me.

I would tell her how thankful I am for all of the things she taught me, from gardening to canning to quilting.

But what I would most thank her for is showing me how to treat people. Her kindness and acceptance of people have taught me that each person I come into contact with deserves to be treated well.

I would tell her how much I miss hearing her sing and hum while she was in the kitchen.

I would tell her how much I miss my birthday cake, and that it has never been duplicated.

I would ask her one more time what I’m doing wrong because my dumplings don’t turn out the same as hers.

I would tell her that I miss her jokes that were just a tad risque.

And I would introduce her to my son. He loves the color orange just like she did.

I wish that you could meet him and your other great-grandchildren.

I miss you, Grandma.

Thank you for living a life that taught me to be gentle and strong.

When I get down, I ask myself what you would want me to do and then I get up and do it.

I talk about you all the time and we even call the room where your old furniture is “your room.”

You are always close by.

Inspiring Moment: Pork-Chop Remains

Written by Braiden

Chelsea Hanson Tells Us How to Make Life Full Again

Written by Chelsea Hanson on May 24, 2012

In today’s blog post, our frequent guest columnist, Chelsea Hanson, founder of With Sympathy Gifts, wants us to make a promise to ourselves after the death of a loved one. . .that our lives can be full again. Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom, as always, Chelsea.

Make a Promise to Yourself….Your Life Can Be Full Again

“When a man takes an oath… he’s holding his own self in his own hands.” ~ Robert Bolt

After losing someone close, do you believe a full and joyful life may be possible for you again? Perhaps your grief is too fresh and the pain is too strong for such a belief to be more than a fleeting thought. When I first lost my mother, I never dreamed this was possible.

It is possible though; you will find joy again – if you make the commitment to seek it out in the small moments of the day. Those small moments will be as seeds in the garden, and soon they will multiply in number. Life’s garden will once again be bountiful. Have trust…there will come a day when you wake up, and your loss won’t be the first thing on your mind…you will look to the day for the treasure it is.

Go ahead. Why not make the promise to yourself that life can be full again? After all, your loved one would want only the best for you…to live your life fully, deeply and, joyously.

Here are some resources that Chelsea suggests to help you see the beauty in life each day:

One Joy Scatters a Hundred Griefs

Coping With Grief: How to Handle Your Emotions

Virtual Book Tour – Interview with Chelsea Hanson, Author of the Sympathy Matters Collection

Inspiring Moment: Boat Rudder

Written by Braiden

Inspiring Moment: White, Red, and Yellow Bushes

Written by Braiden

A Prayer for Spring

Written by John Paul Carter on May 21, 2012

Here are the latest inspiring words–and a poem from Robert Frost–from our frequent guest columnist John Paul Carter, an ordained minister who writes his “Notes From the Journey” column for the Weatherford Democrat. Thanks, as always, John Paul!  

Last Wednesday afternoon I ate a late lunch of beans and rice on our back porch. It felt unseasonably warm – almost like summer. Only a steady breeze made it bearable and I wondered if spring was about to make an early exit.

I love spring because when the trees and shrubs leaf out, our backyard recovers its privacy. The neighbors’ houses fade from view and it takes on the ambiance of a lush, green wilderness. It’s a great place to relax and reconnect.

On this sunny afternoon, the squirrels were stretched out on limbs, napping – exhausted from their morning frolics. A bright red cardinal and his mate were perched in a tree near the creek, saving their songs for twilight.

But it was four Red Admiral butterflies who stole the show – silently flying, floating, and flitting from plant to plant. The delicate beauty of their jet black wings, ringed with brilliant orange, and tipped with snow-white spots was breathtaking. What a wonderful reminder of new life all around me!

Wednesday was the first occasion this spring that I’ve made time to sit on the porch and become a part of my surroundings. Lately when I’m outside, it seems like I’m always working to finish some task – feeding the birds, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or planting the garden. To make matters worse, because I keep remembering last year’s extreme drought and heat, I tend to be pre-occupied with what the approaching summer might bring.

However, my few minutes on the back porch on Wednesday with the squirrels, the birds, the butterflies, and the trees has reminded me that I’m missing a blessing that I desperately need – spring and all its delights.

So, trusting our Heavenly Father for summer’s needs, I’m returning to the back porch, praying with my favorite poet Robert Frost:

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today;

And give us not to think so far away

As the uncertain harvest; keep us here

All simply in the springing of the year.

You’re welcome to join me!


Inspiring Moment: Antique-Store Window

Written by Braiden

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