Inspiring Moment: Gourds on Wall

Written by Braiden

Inspiring Moment: Boat at Fisherman’s Terminal

Written by Braiden


Written by Debbie on December 29, 2011

Dear Mom,

How loyal you were to us all.

How you would love your granddaughter Olivia.

I apologize for not being there to take care of you more when you were fading away. Like dust–the universe carried you away–but unlike dust you are forever engraved in my life, my heart, my mind.

Is this life worth living to make you proud of me, or is it worth dying to be with you again?

I don’t succeed but try to live to make you proud of me.

Though we had our scrapes, I always knew you loved me and would die for me.

I am sorry you will never get the chance to see Olivia, but I feel you live through me when I take care of her.

I understand now what you felt when you looked at your four children and hurt when they hurt, worried when we were out late at night, and anguished over the mistakes you made.

Your beauty was never lost on me. Though we fought, your love lifts me up always and forever until I leave this earth.

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Inspiring Moment: Harbor Boats

Written by Braiden

Inspiring Moment: Copper Collection

Written by Braiden

Inspiring Moment: Plate Garnish

Written by Braiden

Missing My Mother. . .

Written by Chelsea Hanson on December 22, 2011

One of our regular columnists, Chelsea Hanson, weighed in on our question on Facebook on who you are missing this holiday season. Thanks, as always, Chelsea!

Who I am missing? Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to share.

This year I am missing my mother at Christmas, but that is nothing unusual, as I think of her every day.

December 19th marks the 15th anniversary of her death.

I was only 28 when my mom passed away, so I have already have lived one-third of my life without her physical presence.

Although it is hard for me to believe how the time has passed, she still is just as of strong part of my life.

My thoughts, my actions, are influenced by her presence from above, and I am grateful for that connection and that our love and relationship still lives on!

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Inspiring Moment: Pike Place Market

Written by Braiden

Inspiring Moment: Mt. Rainier

Written by Braiden

The Time of Year for Angels, Angels, Angels!

Written by Braiden on December 19, 2011

In early December, Spencer and I went to an early music concert at St. James Cathedral in Seattle.

It’s always a joyous place to hear music because of the perfect acoustics and ample seating area.

But for me, it’s also a great place to take photos.

This visit, I was particularly taken with the gorgeous saint, angel, Mother Mary, whatever she may have been who stood court above our seats.

Here are half a dozen iterations of her done with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone4. When I first viewed them, my breath was taken away by her simplicity and simple beauty.

Gorgeous in black and white.

Raggedy edges!


Perhaps my favorite. So majestic.

Another version of black-and-white.

Love the colors and thick black edges on this one.




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