Inspiring Moment: Pike Pub Memorabilia

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson

Inspiring Moment: Pike Pub

Five More Minutes Savors Summer

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on June 24, 2013

Sunny water scene

One of the main tenets of the Five More Minutes With website is that we should love our friends and family each and every day. . .and tell them that while we are all still alive, rather than waiting until it is too late.

We also encourage our readers to enjoy life–every moment of it–as much as possible since you just never know how much time you will enjoy on this great earth.

In the Saturday, June 15, 2013, edition of The Seattle Times, regular contributor The Reverend Patricia L. Hunter offered up an article entitled, ‘Savoring the Summer Seasons of Life,” that struck a particular chord with me.

In it she remarks on the incredible amount of daylight we (at least those of us lucky to live in the Northwest) enjoy during this time of the year. June is a month full of celebrations: Father’s Day, Juneteenth, graduations, weddings, and the solstice.

No matter what you are celebrating, Reverend Hunter urges us to, “pick one or two special days that speak to your heart and plan a soiree!”

She urges us to slow down and rest. Social media is important in many of our lives, but will never take the place of face-to-face conversations.

“When we slow down to celebrate the everyday miracles of life, we have time to refocus our priorities,” she says. “Just like seasons throughout the year, there are seasons in our lives: joy, sorrow, uncertainty, new life and death. No season lasts forever. Even when our hearts are breaking, joy will come again.”

Here’s the link if you wish to read Reverend Hunter’s column in its entirety. Thank to her for urging us to, “stop, smell the roses, and celebrate life!”

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Inspiring Moment: Pink and White Tulips

Written by Spencer Johnson

Inspiring Moment: Pink and White Tulips

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Five More Minutes Spends Five Minutes With A Good Goodbye

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on June 17, 2013

Cemetery photo

Have you heard of the website, A Good Goodbye? 

Its Albuquerque, New Mexico-based founder, Gail Rubin, a.k.a., The Doyenne of Death, is the author of “A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die,” and she also hosts a weekly 60-minute online radio show.

Visit her website to sign up for her free Funeral Planning Form and to take advantage of all the great information and links she has accumulated there. I particularly enjoyed her Funeral Films list and e-books links that are instant downloads (including Recover From the Grief of Pet Loss).

Inspiring Moment: Flowers for Bo-Bo

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson

Inspiring Moment: Flowers for Bo-Bo


Five More Minutes Spends Seven Minutes With an Amazing Balancing Act!

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on June 10, 2013

This seven-minute video entitled, “The Incredible Power of Concentration,” is truly “incredible” on so many levels.

That this woman performer–Miyoko Shida Rigolo–is so strong in her core, and patient enough to balance piece after piece of wood to create a gorgeous sculpture.

That a single feather is the foundation for the entire sculpture.

That she goes to all this trouble to construct the sculpture, then lets it all come down when she removes the feather.

I guarantee you will be captivated by this performance and premise, called Sanddornbalance. According to Miyoko, it was created by Mädir Eugster (Artist, Inventor, Director of Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque) in 1996 and was played only by himself until 2011.

Miyoko says she is a Japanese dancer and choreographer  living in France, but “she has also worked in some projects with Mädir Eugster and Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque since 1999.”





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Inspiring Moment: Starburst Tulips

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson

Inspiring Moment: Starburst Tulips

Be Amazing, Inspiring, and Pivot!

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson

Inspiring Moment Seattle Aquarium Sunset 2

My long-time literary agent and friend, Lisa Ekus, is a woman of amazing talents, with a super-warm and generous heart and an always-upbeat attitude.

Way back in January of 2011, she sent along an email that I found particularly interesting, so much so that I’ve saved it all these years.

With a subject line of  “Pursue Possibilities,” Lisa’s email urged me and other clients to BE AMAZING!

Here is the body of the email:

*Excuses bring an overall sense of being a victim:

*I don’t have time to work out (I am victim of my schedule, my family, my boss).

*I don’t have anyone to go with (I am victim of my singleness or my spouse’s schedule).

*Blaming others or a situation for how you feel and what is happening may make you feel “right,” but it isn’t going to make you feel better. When we take the role of victim, we take on an attitude of defeat and powerlessness without realizing it.

*Blaming makes us feel right when often we are not…there are few situations where we do not have some responsibility for the outcome, even if it is an outcome we did not want. The sooner we own our part in a negative situation, the sooner we are released from its negative hold (resentment, bitterness, blame) and can move on to the life and business we want.

*Blaming without owning your contributions to a negative situation can make you feel “right,” but it robs you of self-esteem and creativity. Don’t sacrifice the life you want in order to be “right.”

*You cannot hold on to a negative past situation and pursue all positive possibilities available to you.

*As you turn the negatives into neutrals, you will experience a new peace and world of possibilities!

*When you blame others, you give up your power to change.

-Dr. Robert Anthony

To conclude, Lisa urged us to have a FUN and PRODUCTIVE day!


I responded to Lisa’s email with the following:

In addition to “being amazing,” I also try to be “INSPIRING”. . .my new word for 2011.


Lisa’s client and our mutual dear friend, Kate Heyhoe, a prolific writer and artist who submitted the very first story, Alma’s Grace and Style, for this website, chimed in with yet another angle to the “Pursue Possibilities” theme:

I would add an action I try to take: PIVOT.

Pivot out of the situation or mood or situation that’s not working. Don’t think about it, just turn on your heels, pivot and mentally move in a different direction. Done. Onward…towards the amazing and inspiring.


Are you PURSUING POSSIBILITIES in your own life, being AMAZING and INSPIRING?

When things aren’t going your way, do you have the courage to PIVOT and move on?