Missing My Cat, “The Lug of Love”

Written by Macy Bodenhamer on May 31, 2012

Given five more minutes with my handsome kitty, Min, I would tell him how he ruled as official, “The Lug of Love”, the ever-insistent best biscuit-maker in the world, and the owner of lap time with anyone present.

I loved your funny warble, “Mmmrrrowr!”

I loved that you continued to chase your tail in the bathtub all 15 years of your life, continuing to find entertainment and joy in such a simple, silly gesture.

I loved your clumsiness, while still landing on your feet every time.

I loved how much you loved your brother Shu. You were his keeper, despite his petulance. You were the Brother, the doting and patient one, tolerant of everything.

Thank you for the gift of you, you made my life fuller, gave me unconditional love and ongoing joy.

The space you hold in my heart is much, much bigger than any cat could ever match.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by Macy Bodenhamer, a marketing/communications/public-relations professional at Four22Creative in Houston, Texas.