Be Amazing, Inspiring, and Pivot!

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson

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My long-time literary agent and friend, Lisa Ekus, is a woman of amazing talents, with a super-warm and generous heart and an always-upbeat attitude.

Way back in January of 2011, she sent along an email that I found particularly interesting, so much so that I’ve saved it all these years.

With a subject line of  “Pursue Possibilities,” Lisa’s email urged me and other clients to BE AMAZING!

Here is the body of the email:

*Excuses bring an overall sense of being a victim:

*I don’t have time to work out (I am victim of my schedule, my family, my boss).

*I don’t have anyone to go with (I am victim of my singleness or my spouse’s schedule).

*Blaming others or a situation for how you feel and what is happening may make you feel “right,” but it isn’t going to make you feel better. When we take the role of victim, we take on an attitude of defeat and powerlessness without realizing it.

*Blaming makes us feel right when often we are not…there are few situations where we do not have some responsibility for the outcome, even if it is an outcome we did not want. The sooner we own our part in a negative situation, the sooner we are released from its negative hold (resentment, bitterness, blame) and can move on to the life and business we want.

*Blaming without owning your contributions to a negative situation can make you feel “right,” but it robs you of self-esteem and creativity. Don’t sacrifice the life you want in order to be “right.”

*You cannot hold on to a negative past situation and pursue all positive possibilities available to you.

*As you turn the negatives into neutrals, you will experience a new peace and world of possibilities!

*When you blame others, you give up your power to change.

-Dr. Robert Anthony

To conclude, Lisa urged us to have a FUN and PRODUCTIVE day!


I responded to Lisa’s email with the following:

In addition to “being amazing,” I also try to be “INSPIRING”. . .my new word for 2011.


Lisa’s client and our mutual dear friend, Kate Heyhoe, a prolific writer and artist who submitted the very first story, Alma’s Grace and Style, for this website, chimed in with yet another angle to the “Pursue Possibilities” theme:

I would add an action I try to take: PIVOT.

Pivot out of the situation or mood or situation that’s not working. Don’t think about it, just turn on your heels, pivot and mentally move in a different direction. Done. Onward…towards the amazing and inspiring.


Are you PURSUING POSSIBILITIES in your own life, being AMAZING and INSPIRING?

When things aren’t going your way, do you have the courage to PIVOT and move on?



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