Five More Minutes for Ed and Niranjana

Written by Andy Perdue on June 13, 2011

Father Ed, Andy, and Joe Perdue enjoy a picnic on the Oregon Coast

My father passed away three months before we went to India to bring home our daughter.

Andy and Niranjana Perdue the day they first met in India

Dad would have loved our girl’s spunk and athletic ability.

If I had five more minutes with my dad, I’d want him to spend it with the granddaughter he never got to meet.

Editor’s Note: My dear friend and long-time editor, Andy Perdue, is a third-generation newspaperman, manages the Web sites at the Tri-City Herald in eastern Washington, is the editor-in-chief and founder of Wine Press Northwest magazine, and also posts on his personal website where you can read more reflections and ruminations (and see more photos) of the darling Niranjana.

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