Last Words with My Mother, Father, and Granny

Written by Deb Bailey on April 20, 2011

To my mother: I would tell her I forgive her for all the meanness she inflicted upon me in my life.

And that she is a great-grandmother now. LOL– she would have a fit.

To my beloved father: I would say I am going to miss you every day of my life.

My dreams are with you because my heart aches for you daily.

I try and live from your teachings and strive daily to be a good example to my children and grand-baby as you were to me.

I miss you and love you dad…

To my Granny: I miss you very much, and I know you are with me every day.

I feel your prescence and know you watch over me.

I miss you and love you.

Note: Deb Bailey is CEO of Power Women Magazine & Radio Show.