Five More Minutes With Goes Inside My Skull for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on October 28, 2013

Cemetery photo

In honor of Halloween on October 31, and Dia de los Muertos, which spans October 31 to All Saint’s Day on November 2, this week Five More Minutes With once again highlights our long-time friend and talented colleague, Kate Heyhoe.

Kate heyhoe sugar skulls five more minutes with

The very first contributor to the Five More Minutes With website,  Kate Heyhoe makes sugar skulls very much in the Dia de los Muertos zeitgeist.

Recently, she posted a YouTube video.

Kate Heyhoe Sugar Skulls

The video features not only her and her skulls, but her cat, Tamale.

Inside my skull braiden's skull five more minutes with website

It’s a fascinating peek into Kate’s fantasy world, which I highly endorse since I was one of the very first people to commission one of Kate’s full-size skulls (see my gorgeous, girly skull, above).

Won’t you consider working with Kate to go inside your own skull by creating your very own, custom-designed sugar skull?


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