Why Wait for the Last Five Minutes?

Written by Bruce Hammitt on July 2, 2012

Every New Year’s Eve I call one person who has been important in my life and I thank them for helping me grow as an individual.

I have called relatives, past teachers, and close friends.

I also have sent letters to important people in my life letting them know how much I have appreciated having them as friends.

So I guess I would advise that you not wait for the final five minutes.

What I do helps me know that I have told loved ones of my appreciation for them before they pass away.

Editor’s Note: This savvy and heartfelt advice comes from Bruce Hammitt, director of customer service at Calahan Solutions, a¬†premier productivity consulting firm, serving a national and local clientele in corporate settings, home-based businesses, and residential environments. Thanks, Bruce!

Photo by Braiden Rex-Johnson

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