The Universal Wisdom of Grandparents

Written by Laurie Halladay on July 14, 2011

This story comes from frequent contributor Laurie Halladay, a.k.a., “Grandma Gringo,”¬†who was dining in a Chinese restaurant in Australia over Chinese New Year when she encountered this typical extended family.

There seems to be some universal truths about being grandparents, no matter where you are from in the world.

Today we went to Chinatown to a dim-sum restaurant for lunch, and were seated next to a round table with a Chinese family.

Grandpa San and Grandma San were alone having tea, waiting for the family to arrive.

Four grandsons, probably ages six to 10 bounded in. Big smiles from the grandparents.

Immediately, Grandpa San was hit up for money, and we saw him pulling twenties out of his wallet. The boys smiled and ran off.

Soon the three adult daughters arrived, one very pregnant. They soon got up and left to run after the kids.

Once again Grandpa San and Grandma San were sitting alone at the family gathering.

Finally Grandpa San had to go to the men’s room, but was a little wobbly, so Grandma San escorted him.

As soon as they left, the grandsons and mothers returned. They waited for the grandparents.

Finally, they were all together, but the kids picked at the food and GrandpaSan called for the check.

The Year of the Rabbit got off to a hopping good start.

We wanted to say to Grandpa San and Grandma San that we had walked in their shoes.

I could tell that if GrandmaSan got her four little emperors together alone she would have shaped them up.

Ah, the younger generation!!!