Inspiring Moment: Alice in Wonderland

Written by Braiden


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Inspiring Moment: Florida Glade

Written by Braiden


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Memory of Mom (MoM): Laughing in the Face of Cancer

Written by Alison Seidner on April 22, 2011

My mother recently passed away from lung cancer.

Since then I have tired to recall every moment we had together.

One occasion my Mom and I and my two teenage girls took a little trip.

One night in the hotel we were all trying to get to sleep. Mom and I started giggling uncontrollably.

My kids thought we were crazy!

We just laughed and laughed till we cried. It was great!

We did the same when we found out she had cancer. . .only first we cried. . .then we laughed.

I miss her so much! She was a great mom!!!

Inspiring Moment: Waterfall

Written by Margaret


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Inspiring Moment: Sunset Over Carillon Point

Written by Braiden

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Last Words with My Mother, Father, and Granny

Written by Deb Bailey on April 20, 2011

To my mother: I would tell her I forgive her for all the meanness she inflicted upon me in my life.

And that she is a great-grandmother now. LOL– she would have a fit.

To my beloved father: I would say I am going to miss you every day of my life.

My dreams are with you because my heart aches for you daily.

I try and live from your teachings and strive daily to be a good example to my children and grand-baby as you were to me.

I miss you and love you dad…

To my Granny: I miss you very much, and I know you are with me every day.

I feel your prescence and know you watch over me.

I miss you and love you.

Note: Deb Bailey is CEO of Power Women Magazine & Radio Show.

Inspiring Moment: In Your Wake

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson

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Inspiring Moment Lilies

Written by Braiden

Lilies Close-up Photo

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Gail, My Mentor: Living A Spiritually Attuned Conscious Life

Written by on April 18, 2011

Last year I lost my mentor and friend.

She introduced me to mindfulness and yoga many years ago.

She taught and lived a spiritually attuned conscious life and spoke of her many teachers and mistakes and winding paths she had trekked.

Since her sudden death last year from lung cancer (diagnosis to death in four months), I have changed my profession from apparel designer to “Whole-Life Mentor” public speaker and published author on the process of awakening to true self-true: how others can achieve greater, deeper, more prosperous, and more joyful lives.

Gail lives on as I spread this vital message of love and life toward conscious evolution. Her death put everything into order and perspective for me.

If I had five more minutes with her, I would thank her for her sincerity, love and wisdom. I would also ask her to contact me directly if she could.

I want to understand the process of re-awakening after the body dies.

I want more evidence of our journey beyond the physical life span.

I want to know how to jump time barriers for the good of our planet and our survival as a species.

NoteJennifer Bair is the author of The Open Road Series “The Power Inside” mentorship program and the book, “Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook (7981452021584 SC ISBN) Authorhouse Publishing Group, US. Visit her online for further information.

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Inspiring Moment Hipstmatic Stool

Written by Braiden

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