The Healthful Effects of Communing With Nature

Written by Braiden on October 28, 2010

Sometimes I just want to stop all the noise I face in everyday life.

Like many people, I receive anywhere from 25 to 50 e-mails a day through several different e-mail accounts. Some are spam or things I don’t care about; many require instant attention and response.

Add to that the additional communication streams of Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Now, not only do we have to respond to personal and business e-mail accounts, many of us also have to deal with Direct Messages and Facebook Pokes.

You Tube offers instant videos; Pandora our own personalized music channels; blogs on every subject vie for our attention; television offers hundreds of channels; Google serves up the bounty of the World Wide Web with the simple insertion of a few well-chosen key words.

With all these distractions, often I feel like my head is about to explode, and I don’t imagine I’m alone. . .

One remedy is communing with nature, in whatever form that might be. Look out your office window from time to time if there is something beautiful outside.

Arrange some flowers. Soak in some sun over lunch hour. Take a walk.

Even if none of these options is available, the good news is that scientific studies show that even looking at soothing pictures of natural scenes, such as the one above, will give you a few moment to think. . .meditate a few moments. . .and relax and refresh.

Who wouldn’t be touched by the majestic scene shown above–clouds and mountains, land and water–forming a harmonious whole?

Have you communed with nature, even if only via a favorite photo, today?

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