Give Me Just Five Minutes: Writers’ Tips Continued

Written by Braiden on August 5, 2010

Something as simple as lighting a candle or listening to a particular piece of music can help a writer enter the state of writing “flow”

In my previous post, I described a timed exercise–writing about a topic for a specified period of time–which somehow causes the brain to react quickly and well. I also promised I’d share additional tricks writers use to get in “flow,” that elusive but wonderful feeling when the thoughts and words are flowing, almost as if from a higher intelligence or being.

So while some writers respond well to time constraints (think of reporters who can only write when they are on a deadline), some writers react well to visual or auditory cues.

For example, quite often before I start writing FMMW stories, I turn down the lights and ignite two OXO Candela Glow rechargeable lights (smokeless, fireless “candles”) and place them on either side of my writing desk. The candles’ warm, ivory-colored glow simultaneously sends me into a place of calm and inspires me to think deep thoughts.

Other writers may be inspired by music. If you’re one of those, here’s the link to a Frank Sinatra tune that goes particularly well with the Five More Minutes With zeitgeist: “Frank Sinatra – Five Minutes More 78 rpm 1946 factory sample”

Even scents can trigger memories. Sometimes when I buy Star-Gazer Lilies, their heavy, musky scent reminds me of funerals I’ve attended. That scent sends me into thoughts of those I have loved who are now departed.

So whatever trick(s) you use to enter the state of flow, I’ll hope you’ll use it/them today, be inspired to write a story for, then share it with our FMMW community.

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