More Crows!

Written by Braiden on June 10, 2010

Last week I wrote about Mrs. Crow, a female crow that made lots of noisy visits to our downtown Seattle condominium balcony.

We weren’t quite sure what was going on untilĀ an interesting article in The Seattle Times recounted the story of an attack crow who divebombed a mother and her child while they were walking in Ballard, a neighborhood just outside of downtown Seattle.

The article went on to explain that this particular time of the year (late May to mid-June) is fledge season, when anxious crows are watching out over their baby chicks, so become very territorial.

Mr. and Mrs. Crow

Our “Mrs. Crow” still drops by from time to time, sometimes accompanied by her mate, as shown above. She even lets me take their picture and doesn’t fly away. Perhaps she/they sense I mean them no hard and am, instead, fascinated by their antics.

Mr. and Mrs. Crow

Spencer and I love watching them, and speculate that the exhausted duo needs to take a breather from the young ones every now and then. Our balcony provides a safe and quiet sanctuary.

In today’s harried, hectic world, do you have a quiet sanctuary where you can get away from it all with your mate or significant other, even if for just a few minutes each day?

Do you take quiet time for yourself as well?

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