Girlfriends With Aging Parents

Written by Braiden on June 30, 2010

Something amazing happened to me a few months ago while talking to one of my long-time friends, Norma Rosenthal. When I told I’d just launched about Five More Minutes With and her face kind of dropped and she looked very surprised.

“I am in process of starting a new Web site myself along with my best friend, Toby,” Norma said. “It’s called Our Aging Parents and we invite our readers to share their thoughts, concerns, and fears as their parents get older.”

Since that “eureka” moment, Norma and I have been each others touchstones and sounding boards, comparing notes on the business aspects of starting a new Web site and also the more fun elements of writing and editing for one.

Please check out Norma and Toby’s new site. . .it offers a wealth of information and resources. On a highly personal note, Our Aging Parents hits very close to home right now for me, since my 88-year-old father was recently diagnosed with cancer. Sad, but true.

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