Announcing Our Second Annual Memory of Mom Contest!

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on April 12, 2012

Today is an exciting one on Five More Minutes With as we announce our second annual Memory of Mom contest.

As in the past, we are launching a Mother’s Day contest to find the most inspiring story about Mom. Big thanks to Fairytale Brownies, which has generously donated the prize for our winning writer.

For those remembrances shared between today and Thursday, May 10, 2012, you will automatically be entered to win a dozen assorted, fresh-baked Fairytale Brownies in a beautiful Mother’s Day keepsake tin shipped to your home.

As always on Five More Minutes With, you are encouraged to explore the site for inspiration, then submit your own story to share.

Answer the question: What would you say if you had Five More Minutes With. . .Mom?

And what better way to salute Mom than with her very own story just in time for her big day?

Not to mention the chance to win a dozen fresh-baked brownies in tantalizing flavors such as Original, Espresso Nib, Caramel, and Cream Cheese–enough to share with friends and family while you reminisce about Mom. Afterwards, use the keepsake tin to store letters from or photos of your mother.

It’s easy to Share Your Story here.

Making Gumbo with Annie

Written by Braiden on July 4, 2011

Greg Atkinson, a well-known Seattle-based chef, author, and consultant, is a regular contributor to The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest magazine. Pacific Northwest is near and dear to my heart, because I have also been a regular contributor there for the past several years.

In late May, Greg wrote a moving story about his mother, Annie LeClerc Sanchez Atkinson, in which he describes making a last batch of gumbo before dementia/Alzheimer’s claimed her life.

It’s very much in the Five More Minutes With Zeitgeist. To read the entire story, please click here.

My Memory of Mom: Making Her Proud

Written by Pam Jacobs on April 29, 2011

We spend our whole lives being influenced by our mothers…running to them with our problems, our worries, trying to always make them proud.

My best memory of Mom is the day when I was about 45 years old.

My mom said, “Hey, I just want to tell you how proud I am of the person you have become.

“You are so warm and loving to everyone, so helpful and friendly.

“So non-judgmental and willing to go the extra mile for people you don’t even know…you make me so proud!”

I have to tell you…it meant so much to me.

Miss you and love you, Mom.

Memory of Mom: Sharing a Daughter’s Birth

Written by Maelyn Lessard on April 15, 2011

My best memory that I share with my Mom is when I gave birth to my daughter.

I called when I was in labor but I went fast.

I was living in North Carolina and she was in Melbourne, Florida.

She drove all night and arrived at 7a.m.

I was sitting in bed holding my new baby girl and she walked in crying.

I cry thinking of the moment we all held each other for the first time.

It is a moment you cannot describe because it was filled with so much love and emotion.

We have since moved to Melbourne and have shared many things, but that moment is truly just ours.


Memory of Mom: The 30th Anniversary Party

Written by Wendy Greshel on April 8, 2011

I have so many awesome memories of my Mommy. But I will never forget when I gave her and my Dad a surprise 30th anniversary party at the Searoom.

I decorated the lounge area with all of their wedding items she had treasured throughout the years. Even her wedding dress!

When we arrived, she walked in the back door, and in shock, she leaned next to me and said, “I can’t believe someone is having a party, and I was not invited!”

All of her friends and family were there. Then BLAM she looked around and knew it was for her!

I will never forget the look in her eyes when she hugged and kissed me. I even convinced her to put on her wedding dress and she and my dad danced together.

Almost 29 years later, the day before God took her away from me, we talked about so many things. And she told me that was the best party she had ever been to.

She thanked me again, with tears in her eyes.

My mom was and still is a courageous woman I draw my strength and convictions from. She battled lung cancer for almost 14 years, and never gave up.

I never knew how much she endured her illness, as she did not want me to worry about her.

I love you, MOMMY! 3/31/37 – 3/23/06



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