“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to experience it again and again” – may sound like a theater review. But in fact, it’s a fitting description of FiveMoreMinutes.com, where clarity, compassion, and catharsis are shared, emotions released, and lives celebrated. At this site, the smallest words make the biggest difference – and Braiden Rex-Johnson’s usual style, elegance, and good taste help create a potent experience for both contributors and observers.”—Kate, Austin, Texas

“Five More Minutes With is like FMLife meets Chicken Soup for the Soul.”—Julia, Ludlow, Massachusetts

“Clearly, this website is a BOOK. What a beautiful idea and place to encourage individuals to write their thoughts about their departing/departed loved one. I like the look of the site, too. Welcoming and, with the list of possible persons/cats/etc. to receive the words of love, it’s also inspiring. What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”–Antonia, Napa, California

“Congratulations on launching the new site/business. I am sure it will be a source for many to find some sense of peace, put things in perspective—perhaps before it is too late—or share a thought to express their feelings in a time of grief. In the last four years we lost my stepmother, mother-in-law, mother and father-in-law. There were all in their early 70’s. We did not see it coming. I now have a different perspective than I did before.”—Hamilton, Seattle, Washington

“WOW! This is a FANTASTIC concept! You definitely have a winner on your hands—well done! I can’t wait until I can say, “I knew her way back when. I truly believe this is ‘Chicken Soup’ BIG in terms of potential.”—Karen, Edmonds, Washington

“Your new website is a brainstorm! Lovely sharings so far. I sure many people will join in and write.”–Judith, Seattle, Washington

“This site is so exiting! People have a fascination with being involved in other’s moments of despair and crisis. We want to know about it, watch them work through it, and help when we can. This site provides people with a chance to be let into other’s five more minutes with their most beloved person, and maybe find unexpected support in a complete stranger’s empathy. We get to witness something no one thought they would ever be able to do again…talk to those they miss most. A public forum, and a safe space for people’s most private grieving—that is what makes this site so fascinating!”—Sally, Hatfield, Massachusetts

“I am thrilled that you are working on features that may encourage and comfort others. People who have been through severe grief can help others along the way by sharing their experiences.”—JoAnn, Dalton, Georgia

“I just read the story on your Web site and started crying. The site is beautiful and so was the featured story. You definitely have a HUGE winner!”—Norma, Issaquah, Washington

“The new Web site looks really nice, and is a super interesting idea. I have to imagine people will find it both really comforting, and a way to learn about themselves and others, which is something the Web doesn’t do enough.”—A.J., Seattle, Washington

“I checked out your site and was so moved by it…congrats on that. I am sure it will be big!”—Steve, Sonoma, California

“Wow, I am so inspired! You have something very powerful here and I can’t wait to see where it takes you!”—Debra, Los Angeles, California

“Fascinating, touching Web site. I read it avidly. I have long believed Americans have much to learn when it comes to dealing with death. This might help. I wish you much success with your plucky new endeavor.—Alison, Bellevue, Washington

“Nice work Braiden…you made my 20-year-old employee cry today. He couldn’t read another story…but couldn’t stop reading!”—Peter, Cocoa Beach, Florida