Five More Minutes With Mother

Written by Anonymous on September 6, 2012

If I had five more minutes with my mom, I would tell her how sorry I was every time I rushed her off the phone.

I would tell her how sorry I was that I didn’t help her with my dad.

I would tell her how much I was going to miss her, that she meant so much to me, that she taught me everything, that my life would not be the same without her in it everyday.

And I would touch her. I would hold her hand. I would touch her cheeks with mine. I miss that so much.

I would brush her hair because I know how much she loved that.

And I would thank her for being my mom–mine–who loved me more than anyone in this world.

If I had five more minutes with my mom, I would beg her for five more. And five more after that. Because it’s never enough.

There is never enough time to spend with your mom.




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Memory of Mom: The Cheerleader in My Corner

Written by on May 12, 2012

Ann Morgan James and her mother riding a tandem bike when her mother was in her late 70s.

Ann Morgan James, author of  “How to Raise a Millionaire: Six Millionaire Skills You Can Teach Your Kids So They Can Imagine and Live the Life of Their Dreams,” shared this story about good times with her mother. 

Thanks, Ann!

First thing I would do is pull out the Scrabble board.

Even if we didn’t finish the game, playing a hand or two would be so very special!

Second, I would hold her every second. . .look in her eyes and see her knowing smile and unconditional love which was always there.

Third, I would tell her all my dreams and goals I am trying to accomplish.

I won’t weigh down the conversation by hashing over stuff that has happened since she was gone.

I would simply spend ever second soaking up all her positive energy and unflagging belief in me, so I could have it when she was gone again.

One of the hardest things about not having my Mom around has been keeping my chin up without my cheerleader in my corner.

Going through a divorce, reinventing myself at age 50, and dealing with life’s blows has been hard at times.

It’s those times–when I need someone to have my back and I don’t–that miss her the most.

It’s those times when I pull on the internal strength she planted in me so I can believe in myself and make my own way.

These are the gifts I am planting in my son.

Memory of Mom: Five More Minutes With the Real “Her”

Written by Debi Einmo on May 7, 2012

Debi Einmo, a self-described “small business wonk and government contracting guru,” is the author of “Don’t Bid: Insider Secrets for Small Businesses to Benefit from Government Spending.” 

We thank her for sharing her Mom Memory with the Five More Minutes With audience. 

Five more minutes with mom….what I would give for that.

No my Mom has not died, but she has suffered a serious stroke and she isn’t with us mentally anymore.

I wish I could get her to laugh about all the crazy things we used to do as kids…..there were five of us and I can only imagine (with a 30-year-old of my own) how we used to make her crazy.

I wish I could see some sort of recognition of life…of something that says she understands. To have five more minutes of “her”.

Death of the body is a difficult thing to grieve, but a living death is harder in many ways. I wish I had my mom back.

Missing My Mother. . .

Written by Chelsea Hanson on December 22, 2011

One of our regular columnists, Chelsea Hanson, weighed in on our question on Facebook on who you are missing this holiday season. Thanks, as always, Chelsea!

Who I am missing? Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to share.

This year I am missing my mother at Christmas, but that is nothing unusual, as I think of her every day.

December 19th marks the 15th anniversary of her death.

I was only 28 when my mom passed away, so I have already have lived one-third of my life without her physical presence.

Although it is hard for me to believe how the time has passed, she still is just as of strong part of my life.

My thoughts, my actions, are influenced by her presence from above, and I am grateful for that connection and that our love and relationship still lives on!

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