Announcing Our Second Annual Memory of Mom Contest!

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on April 12, 2012

Today is an exciting one on Five More Minutes With as we announce our second annual Memory of Mom contest.

As in the past, we are launching a Mother’s Day contest to find the most inspiring story about Mom. Big thanks to Fairytale Brownies, which has generously donated the prize for our winning writer.

For those remembrances shared between today and Thursday, May 10, 2012, you will automatically be entered to win a dozen assorted, fresh-baked Fairytale Brownies in a beautiful Mother’s Day keepsake tin shipped to your home.

As always on Five More Minutes With, you are encouraged to explore the site for inspiration, then submit your own story to share.

Answer the question: What would you say if you had Five More Minutes With. . .Mom?

And what better way to salute Mom than with her very own story just in time for her big day?

Not to mention the chance to win a dozen fresh-baked brownies in tantalizing flavors such as Original, Espresso Nib, Caramel, and Cream Cheese–enough to share with friends and family while you reminisce about Mom. Afterwards, use the keepsake tin to store letters from or photos of your mother.

It’s easy to Share Your Story here.

Remembering the Great Musicians

Written by Cheryl Hanson on July 21, 2011


I think back to the movie, “Walk the Line,” and the scene when Elvis, Johnny Cash, and all the great singers and songwriters of rockabilly were playing in tandem. . .and that is my five more minutes.

I have been blessed with never losing a loved one that I have missed time with, and I find that I need to share this gift with others.

There is missing time, but only when I lose myself in music, and especially the old-time rock-and-roll legends.

I wonder when time travel is achieved, would we be selfish, and ask to just attend a show, see a past love, learn more about history, or find a way to enjoy the day a little more?

I think that my five more minutes would be to hear those great players share their gift, and to be the one to witness their understanding that yes, they really are good enough to matter.

Editor’s Note: Cheryl Hanson is affiliated with the website Living Frontiers Now.

The Universal Wisdom of Grandparents

Written by Laurie Halladay on July 14, 2011

This story comes from frequent contributor Laurie Halladay, a.k.a., “Grandma Gringo,” who was dining in a Chinese restaurant in Australia over Chinese New Year when she encountered this typical extended family.

There seems to be some universal truths about being grandparents, no matter where you are from in the world.

Today we went to Chinatown to a dim-sum restaurant for lunch, and were seated next to a round table with a Chinese family.

Grandpa San and Grandma San were alone having tea, waiting for the family to arrive.

Four grandsons, probably ages six to 10 bounded in. Big smiles from the grandparents.

Immediately, Grandpa San was hit up for money, and we saw him pulling twenties out of his wallet. The boys smiled and ran off.

Soon the three adult daughters arrived, one very pregnant. They soon got up and left to run after the kids.

Once again Grandpa San and Grandma San were sitting alone at the family gathering.

Finally Grandpa San had to go to the men’s room, but was a little wobbly, so Grandma San escorted him.

As soon as they left, the grandsons and mothers returned. They waited for the grandparents.

Finally, they were all together, but the kids picked at the food and GrandpaSan called for the check.

The Year of the Rabbit got off to a hopping good start.

We wanted to say to Grandpa San and Grandma San that we had walked in their shoes.

I could tell that if GrandmaSan got her four little emperors together alone she would have shaped them up.

Ah, the younger generation!!!

One Huge Regret

Written by Jennifer Covello on March 22, 2011

My need for perfection kept me from sharing my award-winning baby journal and my business with my mom the last time I saw her.

I brought the journal with me and was waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment when I visited my mom in the hospital. She was being treated for lung cancer and while I knew her days were numbered, I had no idea how numbered.

I spent three days with her in the hospital arguing with myself–show her/don’t show her.

I returned home not showing her my baby journal nor telling her about my new business thinking, I’ll tell her this weekend when I come to visit again.

But that was the last time I would see or speak to my mom. She passed away only days later.

Even though I know she “knows” all about my business now, I put this on my list of HUGE regrets.

What I wouldn’t do to see her face and her reaction had she seen what I’d accomplished.

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Covello is owner/founder of Frittabello, which offers “inspired gifts for a baby’s life journey.”

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