Welcome to FiveMoreMinutesWith.com, an inspirational tribute site which poses the question: What would you say to a departed loved. . .or to a significant person or animal no longer in your life. . .if you had five more minutes to spend with them?

In this new Web site, we want to share Our Story and Your Stories. We feel that by writing down memories of our loved ones and sharing them online, we can and will build a community of spiritual, like-minded people offering comfort, care, and support. . .as well as a cathartic way to say goodbye and provide closure.

And, unlike other tribute Web sites that are available on the World Wide Web, the ability to post an inspirational story in honor of a loved one on Five More Minutes With is totally free. . .there is absolutely no cost to you. . .nor will there ever be!

So why did we start this inspirational tribute Web site, and what’s the catch, you might ask?

Ultimately, we hope to turn the best stories from the Five More Minutes With community into a lovely keepsake book or even series of books, much like the beloved Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which was one of the inspirations and models for our site.

So when thinking about writing a story for Five More Minutes With, feel free to write about your beloved husband, wife, or partner. Or a close relative such as your mother, father, sister, or brother. And don’t forget cherished companion animals–cat, dog, or even horse.

Think beyond those persons who have actually departed your life and include people who may not have died, but are simply lost to you, such as a childhood best friend, adopted child, mentor, favorite teacher, or former lover.

Although it’s certainly optional, we’d also love to see a photo or two of the person or animal you choose.

Please remember that our ultimate goal is to turn the best stories from the Five More Minutes With community into a lovely keepsake book, so please submit your best stories (as many as you wish) and photos, with possible publication in mind.

The easiest way to submit? Simply go to our Submissions Page, input your story, and send us your photograph (if available).

We normally credit stories using just the author’s first name. But if you’d rather use your initials or post anonymously, that’s fine as well. Or if you want to use your full name and add a link to your Web site, so much the better. Just let us know your preference.

Here’s hoping your imagination is sparked and your computer or yellow legal pad is handy.

Thanks for participating! We look forward to sharing your stories and photos very soon.