Families with a Missing Piece

Written by Braiden on November 19, 2012


Earlier this month, a wonderful article entitled, Families With a Missing Piece, ran in the Wall Street Journal. Several family members and friends forwarded it to me because the premise of the article was similar in so many ways to Five More Minutes With.

As the lead to the article says, “For adults who were children when their parents died, the question is hypothetical but heartbreaking: ‘Would you give up a year of your life to have one more day with your late mother or father?'”

The article goes on to state that one in nine Americans lost a parent before the age of 20. When polled, 57% of adults who lost parents during childhood said they would give up a year of their lives; a whopping 73% said their lives would be “much better” if their parents hadn’t died young; and 66% said “they felt like they weren’t a kid anymore” after their parents’ death.

Luckily, there are support groups, such as Comfort Zone Camp, a nonprofit provider of childhood and adult bereavement camps, that can help people work through their grief.

“Touchstones”, such asĀ writing memories of their parents in journals, listening to favorite music, and looking at old videos with surviving family members, were cathartic ways that adults who lost their parents while they were children use to cope with their loss.

More fuel for the fire that Five More Minutes With can be a useful way to process grief and help deal with the loss of a parent or other loved one.

So won’t you take the time to share your Five More Minutes With story today?