Lost Summer Romance: This Wonderful Surprise, Part III

Written by Barry A. Popkin on July 23, 2012

Like all dangerous things that happen to us, first we get frightened, then excited, and now there is nothing in the room except excitement and chemistry between us.

Her scent and fragile state makes me most loving and protective, and soon excitement and chemistry totally takes over.

Her delicate hands were holding me tightly, as I lightly hold and kiss her.

She follows my lead from a soft waltz as the soft music plays in our heads and emotions to whirling care for each other, to loving swelling exotic need, to hot love and desire.

The incident had frightened her but now that has turned to out-of-control excitement, and she rushed to be consumed by my embrace. The coupling is intense and long as we merge into one harmonious union.

We are now in perfect harmony with each other’s existence and with loving each other.

The loving entity of love brought to blissful flowing joy.

Then she burst out loud laughing saying, “You are so crazy, but I love you so much.”

We fall asleep peacefully spent on the couch like two dead people.

Ten days later I had to appear in court. They took my license away for the next 18 months. But I bought a new low-profile steel, gray, ordinary-looking sedan, and snuck out when I absolutely had too.

Soon I started coming home to my Queens Village place that I hadn’t seen much of during the summer, as I was always some other place.

This apartment was close by my parent’s apartment that they were now living in.

It was almost weekly I found Linda at my mother’s place. This should have been a signal to me that something was on Linda’s mind.

But I was distracted by other things. I’m not necessarily religious, but I have always felt spiritual.

And looking back, I feel perhaps that God had given me bad timing, or bad judgment.

I was distant that week when she needed me the most.

Soon when I was over her house she started getting calls from some man. I know Linda, and something was amiss.

I now could see her manner and demeanor were different towards me.

Furthermore, I could tell as she talked on the phone I was no longer her special someone.

I pondered this moment, and, in a flash, I knew my special time with her was over.

But I walked away totally in love with her and with loving pride. I only wanted the best for her, and knew I wasn’t quite ready to say, “I do.”

This was my loss, and my forever absolutely wonderful memories of her.

It’s strange the times you find love in your life. It is actually real and does exist.

Thank god in that memory amiss, there is bliss.

Editor’s Note: Barry A. Popkin is the Delaware-based author of four books in multiple genres including military history and family biography. They include: “My Year in Vietnam,” “The Savior The Prophet The War,” “Worlds Collide,” and “The Death of God in New York City.” All the books are available on his website or on Amazon.com.

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