Memory of Mom (MoM) – Video Entry by Life Coach Allana Pratt

Written by Allana Pratt on May 8, 2012

In this moving video, family and relationship expert Allana Pratt shares an actual five minutes thanking her mother, reminiscing about her, and wishing she were still here to meet Allana’s son, Gabriel.

Allana is a multi-talented, renaissance woman. For two years she hosted a #1-rated radio show called How Mama Got Her Groove Back. Now she hosts a weekly live webcast on, empowering women’s (and a few men’s) authentic sensuality.

She’s a regular TV and radio expert on CBS and FOX News, a published author with her story, “Thank God I am a Single Motherless Mom,” and has produced an internationally selling eBook/audio book set called, “How To Be And Stay Sexy~ Attracting The Love And Attention You Deserve Being Exactly Who You Are.”

Her next book is being edited. Entitled, “The Missing Handbook to Motherhood,” she says, “It’s not about getting your groove back, it’s about birthing a whole new delicious you!”

In her work as a professional speaker, Allana coaches an exclusive base of international clients in groups, privately, and in full-day intensives. Her vibrant, heartfelt message empowers women and moms to cultivate their confidence and inner radiance at the website Redefining Sexuality and men to be confident and noble at the website Get Her To Say Yes.