Memory of Mom: Miss Pennsylvania

Written by Michael Brein on May 3, 2012

This sweet Memory of Mom comes from Michael Brein, an author and publisher who’s also known as The Travel Psychologist.

Thanks, Michael!

I thought to myself, “Mom,” (who passed on many years ago), “I’m going to Galveston, Texas, to visit friends there. I’ll go the the public library there and look for you. I mean, I’ll look for the photo you were in when you were Miss Pennsylvania, as a participant in the ‘International Bathing Girl Review.'”

And, this I did.

I found her picture and showed it to my friends, saying, “This is my Mom. She was Miss Pennsylvania and was in this pageant in 1928, standing on the seawall in a long line of girls wearing their banners with their countries and states on them!”