Memory of Mom: Five More Minutes With the Real “Her”

Written by Debi Einmo on May 7, 2012

Debi Einmo, a self-described “small business wonk and government contracting guru,” is the author of “Don’t Bid: Insider Secrets for Small Businesses to Benefit from Government Spending.” 

We thank her for sharing her Mom Memory with the Five More Minutes With audience. 

Five more minutes with mom….what I would give for that.

No my Mom has not died, but she has suffered a serious stroke and she isn’t with us mentally anymore.

I wish I could get her to laugh about all the crazy things we used to do as kids…..there were five of us and I can only imagine (with a 30-year-old of my own) how we used to make her crazy.

I wish I could see some sort of recognition of life…of something that says she understands. To have five more minutes of “her”.

Death of the body is a difficult thing to grieve, but a living death is harder in many ways. I wish I had my mom back.

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