Top-10 Tips to Better Communication with Your Loved One

Written by Pamela Jett on March 26, 2012

Have you ever thought about how much your simple choice of words really matters?

In a keynote speech by Certified Speaking Professional Pamela Jett, a spellbound audience discovered that simple tweaks we make in our everyday way of communicating can lead to better relationships in the workplace and with colleagues.

Today, in the Five More Minutes With vein, I propose we also try these same tweaks with the ones we love.

“The words you choose to use can either make or break your career success,” the acclaimed speaker, trainer, coach, and author of multiple audio and video programs, said. “Eighty percent of problems in the workplace are due to poor communication. . . .Words have power beyond measure and make up the currency of our lives.”

Making just one or two of the changes suggested below could help all of us to communicate better. And perhaps even enjoy precious time with our loved ones, and maybe even life, a lot more!

As for me? I’ll be trying to “avoid toxic people” whenever possible. . .

Pamela Jett’s Top-10 tips to becoming a better communicator included the following worthwhile ideas:

1. Get up every morning and choose to be happy. Don’t stay neutral and don’t opt for misery.

2. Ditch the word “don’t.” Instead of “Don’t forget” say, “Please remember.”

3. Avoid toxic people.

4. Stop saying “I’m sorry.” Better choices include “I apologize” or “I empathize with you.”

5. Stop using qualifiers such as “This might be a dumb question,” as they are signs of weakness.

6. Don’t pitch an idea or a suggestion; pitch solutions. “I have the (or an) answer/solution/new approach/new system” communicates strength.

7. Stop ending statements with questions that beg for approval such as “don’t you think?”

8. Give clear instructions. Ask for them, too!

9. Nix the word ASAP. Instead, set and ask for definite deadlines.

10. Stop saying, “Does anybody have any questions?” Substitute the sentence: “Is there anything I can clarify?”

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