I Would Just Sit With You

Written by Keith O'Brien on January 19, 2012

Mary Lou O'Brien

I think I would just sit with you, Mom, not needing to do anything or be anywhere.

I think I would, at least for one of my five minutes, just hold your hands and stare into your eyes.

So I would make absolutely certain that I would remember that look only you could give me…forever.

If I had just five more minutes…

I would take the next one to thank you for everything,

For all the times you made my lunch, my dinner, my bed, and my day.

For encouraging me when I needed it, for scolding me when I deserved it.

If I had just five more minutes…

I would take the next one to say I am sorry.

For putting you through hell when I was a teenager.

For all the nights I kept you worrying, praying, and hoping that I was safe.

If I had just five more minutes…

I would take the next one to tell you all about your grandchildren.

These are three young souls that you would have really loved.

And even though you never met, they will forever know you because they know us.

If I had just five more minutes…

I would take my last one to let you know that Dad is okay.

It wasn’t easy for him but he has come through as you knew he would.

With a smile on his face, a glass of wine in his hand, and love in his heart.

My time is up but I know I can find you whenever I choose.

You are right there when I need you.

I can feel you always.

There is rarely a day that I don’t think of you, miss you, or want to tell you something.

When something cool happens, I still pick up the phone to call you.

What I wouldn’t give for just five more minutes.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

I love you.

Note: I found this beautifully written tribute on Keith O’Brien’s Web site, and he most graciously allowed me to repost it on Five More Minutes With.

Here are other ways to contact Keith. . .who told me in subsequent e-mail correspondence that, “I’ve been buying and writing out Mother’s Day cards every year since she died, and this year I just decided to make it more public.”

Lucky for us!




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