Blood Families Vs. Chosen Families

Written by Braiden on November 24, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving! With many of us huddled around the dining-room table or television set with family and friends from afar to celebrate the holidays, here’s a thought-provoking blog post about “real” versus chosen families that’s reposted from last year.

Although I don’t always put a lot of faith in them, I must admit that I read my horoscope every week in Seattle’s two alternative papers, the Seattle Weekly and The Stranger. This week’s Weekly prediction really got me to thinking, because it has such relevance for the Five More Minutes With community.

Here’s the Libran horoscope for May 26-June 2, courtesy of Caeriel Crestin:

Blood family does not trump chosen family unless you decide it does. Wouldn’t you agree that someone’s adoptive father who raised them from infancy to adulthood has more of a claim to the “Dad” title than the guy who originally provided the sperm? The same goes for the people you’ve chosen in your life. They get to keep being in your life, and those bonds can be just as strong and valuable as any of those dictated by genetics—as long as you deem it so. Don’t let the world’s rules be your rules, not when you have the absolute power (at least in this case) to make your own.

Is your blood family your chosen family? If not, have you thought about who your “real” family is?

I urge you to think of the people who are closest to you and mean the most in your life. . .and don’t waste a moment. . .tell them so today!

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