One More Hug, One More Time

Written by Liz Boenig on October 17, 2011

This is one of those stories that literally made me start to cry the first time I read it April 2011. In subsequent emails, Liz and I became Internet friends. I admire her strength and courage very much, and so wanted to share her story with you a second time.


Liz and Miles

Dear Miles,

It has been six-and-one-half years since you died. You were only 21!

There is so much more I wanted to teach you and tell you.

If I had five more minutes with you here on earth, I first would hug you one more time nice and tight and tell you that I love you very much!

Then I would tell you what I have learned since your death and how important it is to live in the present moment.

Yes, it’s fun to dream and think about the future. Yes, it’s nice to remember the past.

But I have discovered that the important thing about life is living in the here and now.  Each moment is a gift.

I am trying to use all of my senses, including my intuition, to take in as many everyday moments as I can.

And by living in the moment, I look at every person or animal that I come in contact with, however briefly, as important.

I try to smile at them and encourage them. I’ve found out that sharing my love in small ways is extremely powerful medicine.

I try to listen earnestly to what people are saying without trying to fix them or judge them for their feelings or thoughts.

It is not always easy to do these things, but because of your life and death, I know that showing love and living in the moment is crucial.

It gives me a heartfelt purpose for being alive.

I have you to thank for my renewed outlook on life.  I think of you each and every day and hold your love precious in my heart.

Take care, my darling son,


Note: Liz Boenig is an elementary school teacher and Miles was her and her husband’s only child. During our e-mail exchange, she told me, “Now-childless parents like myself have a set of difficult issues to deal with. I subscribe to Alive Alone newsletter, which has a website and an Other Links page with additional resources.”