Opening Your Heart Once Again

Written by "Anne" on August 10, 2011

Darling Bo-Bo, November 22, 1988-August 10, 2004

Today is the seventh anniversary of the death of our beloved cat, Bo-Bo. He died at 4:35 p.m. on August 10, 2004, after a several-month, and seemingly interminable bout with what we think was stomach cancer. I’ve written about it before on this blog, and so has my husband, Spencer in his moving tribute.

Even up to the very end, he pleased his “Mom” (me) by jumping down for one last bite of kibble from his food bowl.

When the horrible knock at the front door came–the beneficent veternarian who came to our home to put him to sleep–our hearts died along with Bo-Bo’s.

We’ve never gotten another feline. None could compare to our one and only. And, selfishly, we couldn’t face the inevitable–the moment we’d have our hearts broken all over again.

But I love those people who can put the death of a beloved companion animal behind them and give love a second chance.

Here’s the lovely recounting of a pet adoption undertaken by a dear friend and respected colleague of mine. . .a woman who’s become like a second mother to me since my own mom passed away six years ago.

She’s a very private person, so asked me not to use her name. But here’s what “Anne” had to say:

I definitely understand about the feelings of loss. We had three kitties and one lived to 20; the other two made it to 16.

We lost the last two sisters within months of each other and it was very, very difficult for me.

I haven’t had any since ours died about 10 yrs ago.┬áThat’s probably why it’s taken me so long to reach out again.

But we have had a visiting “lover” in the form of a neighbor’s cat (loving Maine Coon Cat – huge) who thought our house belonged to him. His visits helped assuage my desire to have kitties.

I think our visiting love sponge is cutting back due to age and weather – we rarely see him.

I’ve been thinking about it ever since I had the stray kitty in my tree last June – unfortunately he arrived at the bottom of the barrel in my husband’s medical treatment.

And with his various side effects (irritable, really different person) I couldn’t consider bringing in a cat, much as I wanted to, so I found a good home for the cat.

Last week I stumbled across photos of my June kitty which reawakened my desire for kitty/kitties (because we do travel a fair amount I wanted 2 kitties for company for each other).

So Saturday I went to a Kitty Open House – after researching the on-line availabilities.

My two targets disappeared within minutes of the doors opening.

I was delayed by a detour caused by an accident of some sort, so they directed me to the Shelter.

Oh my, what lovely choices there were!

But one little tabby stood out – she started meowing the moment I walked in, stuck out her paw to pet me – I was sold.

Checked her out and was just finishing up when the guy at the front desk asked if I had any interest in the cat who was in the cage above.

I took a brief look – the suggested feline was way above my head so not easy to see, plus she was pinned against the back wall.

I said I just wasn’t thinking that way at the moment, and couldn’t make a snap decision.

No one had told me they were sisters – wouldn’t have wanted to break them up.

Thought about it and watched my little tabby as she adjusted, and wondered if it would have been easier for her if she had someone she knew with her.

Woke up Sunday and decided to go back and get the other cat–her sister!!!

She turned out to be lovely smokey-gray/white mix (part Maine Coon) and very, very lovey.

She adjusted very easily, either because she’s dominant or just more outgoing by nature.

Kitties are just so lovely.

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