Remembering the Great Musicians

Written by Cheryl Hanson on July 21, 2011


I think back to the movie, “Walk the Line,” and the scene when Elvis, Johnny Cash, and all the great singers and songwriters of rockabilly were playing in tandem. . .and that is my five more minutes.

I have been blessed with never losing a loved one that I have missed time with, and I find that I need to share this gift with others.

There is missing time, but only when I lose myself in music, and especially the old-time rock-and-roll legends.

I wonder when time travel is achieved, would we be selfish, and ask to just attend a show, see a past love, learn more about history, or find a way to enjoy the day a little more?

I think that my five more minutes would be to hear those great players share their gift, and to be the one to witness their understanding that yes, they really are good enough to matter.

Editor’s Note: Cheryl Hanson is affiliated with the website Living Frontiers Now.