Memory of Mom: Talking Over the Barbecue

Written by Crystal Mason on May 2, 2011

My mom has not had too much time with me and my sister growing up as she worked as a night-shift nurse to support our family of four (Dad is disabled).

But when she had those few days off to spend with us, she was always cooking.

We would enjoy traditional Filipino foods like lumpia, pancit, chicken adobo, and sweet sticky rice…

My favorite memory of my Mom was a few years ago, when I came home from college.

She was grilling some fish and barbecued chicken outside, and we began talking about my Grandpa, whom I had met once when I was three years old.

For the first time, we talked openly about her memories of him, when she got in trouble, and what she would have changed with their relationship if she could go back.

I had never really talked to my Mom before, because she is usually a closed-off person.

But I remember that day.