Adieu to Adored Pets

Written by Kelly Meister on April 7, 2011

I’ve had to euthanize several beloved pets through the years.

The final moments in the vet’s office gave me the opportunity to say my goodbyes to the wonderful characters I’d shared my life with.

I’ve learned from those experiences, though, that whether it’s five minutes, five hours, or five days, there will never be a good time to say goodbye, nor will there be sufficient time to say all the things you’d like to say.

Whether you’re saying goodbye at the end of life, or by some miracle get a chance to connect with someone who’s already departed, the problem is the same: when they’re gone, they’re gone, and there’s no way to avoid the devastation that follows.

In those last minutes in the veterinarian’s office, I tell all my pets the same thing: that they’re loved, that they’ll be missed, that they were the best pet ever. I cry. And I remember the words that Cleveland Amory wrote in “The Best Cat Ever:” “It’s not just that Polar Bear was not there; it was the awful, overpowering weight of knowing that he’d never, ever be there again.”

Editor’s Note: Kelly Meister is a writer, photographer, and potter from Ohio whose mission in life is to save injured, orphaned, and homeless animals of all sorts including cats, dogs, ducks, and horses. Her website contains heartwarming stories and photos of the creatures who add so much to her and all of our lives.