Touched By an Angel

Written by Pamela Haven on March 11, 2011

I had an invention and this guy kept wanting to invest. I kept saying NO for more than a year.

Finally, a set of circumstances happened and he became the investor. After he had put in about $15,000, I said, “You better come out to my home so we can talk.”

I had never sat down with him before this; he said it wasn’t necessary.

When I asked him what he wanted in return, he leaned forward and said, “NOTHING. Just call me your ‘Angel.'”

I laughed and said, “No everyone wants something what do you want?”

“No, you don’t understand. I am your Angel.”

Still with me laughing, he went on to say, “Lots of people have silent angels.”

Okay. Well he wasn’t crazy, He already had a net worth of over a million dollars, so it wasn’t like he wanted money from me that I did not have.

He had told me that as a child his dad had told him, “Son, find an invention and you will have your greatest riches.”

So he went on to develop his own invention. . .something to do with bicycle spokes.

About 12 months into working with him, he came down with a cold. Eighteen months into things he told me I wouldn’t see him for a week.

We had always talked daily, and I knew that he would want to know the five big things that had transpired the first week of April 1991.

As I sat wondering where he was, I said out ¬†loud, “Lord where is he?”

I kid you not. . .the name of a hospital and city I had never known popped into my head.

It was 9 p.m., and I went to the phone and asked Information for the hospital in the exact town that came to mind.

I was quickly transferred to Cardiac ICU.

He was there!!! Goose bumps popped up on my arms.

I called the next day and spoke with him; he said he would be out in a few days; nothing to worry about.

Long story short here. . .I ended up at the hospital at his side ( the only person there the entire time) when he passed away 18 days after he was admitted. The lump in his chest turned out to be cancer.

Meeting his mother at that point, when she was 93 years old, she told me, “Pamela, his daddy told his as a kid to find an invention and he would have his greatest riches.”

I felt my friend’s spirit leave that morning before his heart flat-lined. There is no pain in death as the spirit is gone before the body stops.

This has changed my entire life, in more ways than one.

My “angel” left me his company. After I met his parents those last two days, we became good friends until they too passed away. His father was a probate attorney and wanted none of my angel’s riches. They were paid into the company with the understanding that, “He did with his money what he wanted.”

Blessed by an Angel? I would say so.