Majestic Mt. Rainier

Written by Braiden on July 26, 2010

On the way to the Sea-Tac Airport to catch the plane for our recent summer vacation, as we drove along Interstate 5 in an Orange cab with a friendly, turban-clad Indian driver, we noticed how resplendent Mt. Rainier was that particular Saturday afternoon.

Inspiring Mt. Rainier

Although the cabbie undoubtedly thought we were crazy, I whipped out my trusty Leica D-Lux and attempted to snap a usable photo from within the confines of the vehicle.

Spencer grabbed the camera from me as the driver switched lanes and the mountain was in better view from his side.

And while not perfect, here’s the shot we came up with. . .an inspiring shot of “the mountain” when she was gloriously “out.”

Do you take time each day to appreciate the free and glorious things that Mother Nature has to offer us?

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