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Written by Braiden on May 16, 2010

Five More Minutes With Flowers

My editor’s notes were shorter than usual and fewer in number this past week, as deadlines in “other life” (as a Northwest food-and-wine columnist) took over the bulk of my working and late-night hours.

But I wanted to report that some exciting developments happened during that seven-day span.

°We got a fabulous partner (and prize!) for our Father’s Day contest, so I will be announcing that early next week. (Father’s Day is on June 20.)

°Our Web site is now recognized by the search engines! So that if you Google either of the phrases, “Five More Minutes” or “Five More Minutes With,” you can find us (and on page one, nonetheless!).

°I have been outreaching to like-minded writers and have discovered many more moving, heart-touching stories for everybody to read and share.

So thanks to all for watching, and waiting, and standing by as I find my way along this new path and journey of discovery.

Happy Sunday, and here’s hoping we all have a great week!

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