Easter Sunday Poem

Written by on April 4, 2010

One of the most joyous things that has occurred since I came up with the idea for Five More Minutes With in late January, then actually launched the site on March 26, is that my aunt and I have reconnected after years of simply sending Christmas cards and occasional e-mails.

Aunt Jo is a southern lady through and through. In her eighties, she has had a tough life, losing two sons while still in their teens, her husband at an early age, then another son in his fifties.

Her story about the accidental drowning of her son and my cousin, Lee, was one of the first stories I received and posted.

Still, she’s maintained her faith and volunteered in grief counseling. Here’s a short poem she shared with me earlier in the week. I found it so inspiring, I wanted to share it with you on Easter Sunday.

“And with the morn,

Those angel faces smile.

Which we have loved long since

And lost a while.”

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