A Rare Northwest Rainbow

Written by on April 19, 2010

I have been very remiss in posting Editor’s Notes the past few days. . .demands from my “other life”–my food-and-wine-writing career–have kept me busy (deadlines!), plus Spencer and I have been remodeling our condominium unit, so lots of work and a few worries related to that.

Seattle Rainbow

Anyway, on Saturday evening as we headed across Lake Washington for a bit of r&r, to enjoy dinner with dear friends at the fabulous new French bistro, Artisanal, we felt so blessed to witness a rare Northwest rainbow from our car window.

I swear, you could see faint images of a second (double) rainbow as well as both ends of the magical apparition. Strange that one side seemed to hover right over Microsoft magnate Bill Gates’s waterfront compound even though he has (obviously) already found the pot of gold. 🙂

I wish us all many rainbows in our lives. . .and hope rainbows are a common site for our departed loved ones. . .and also for those somehow lost to us.

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